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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a Day!

So...I had just pushed the "publish post" button on my last posting when my phone rang. It was my friend, Maria (I babysit her boys & they live 2 doors down)...she said, "Did you go get the kids?" Ok...my first thought was 'seriously...they better not cancel school today...the kids are already there!'...instead, i said, "no, why?" Maria replied (in a frantic voice) "kxly.com said that they are evacuating the kids because Arlington is on fire!" What? Seriously? I tried to get as much info from Maria as I could while yelling at Eric to go pick up the kids...my second thought was 'SOMEBODY HATES ME!!' Eric got to the school only to find it surrounded by 7 fire trucks and a bunch of police cars...and all the roads to the school blocked off...by this time I was off the phone with Maria but trying to call the office (why would someone be in the office while the building is on fire?) hoping that they forwarded the phones to someone who could tell me if my kids were safe. Eric was able to get to the school on foot and was stopped by a cop who told him that there was smoke coming from the boiler room but that the building was inspected by Avista (utility company) and the Fire Dept. and was deemed safe for the kids to return to class but that parents were more than welcome to pick up their kids and it would be counted as an excused absense. Eric called me on the phone and explained the situation to me and asked me what I wanted to do...I put him on hold and called the office one more time this time getting an answer. The secretary in the office told me basically what the cop had explained to Eric and told me that the kids were safe and were now back in their classrooms...I got back on the phone with Eric and told him to leave them there and if there was another problem that the school could call us. After school, Cayson told us that there were only 5 kids in his class and Hailey said there were about 11 in hers...they thought the whole thing was cool....We'll see what tomorrow brings...until next time...............

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