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Friday, January 30, 2009

I forgot the dang camera!

Well...so I didn't exactly forget it...Eric borrowed it and left it at his office (which happens with a LOT of our stuff)...anyways...it would have been handy at the field trip I went on today with Cayson's 1st grade class....plus 2 other classes...that's right...roughly 50 1st graders-downtown-and nobody got lost or hurt! It actually turned out to be a great day! We left the school at about 9:20 and headed to the main post office downtown. Each of the kids had 42 cents to buy a stamp and put on the letter that they had written to a loved one the week before. They then put their envelopes in the drop slot (Benjamin...your letter is on its way!). The kids then went behind the scenes of the post office to see what steps the letters have to go through to get to their destinations...we then walked a block and a half to River Park Square and invaded the tables at the food court to eat lunch...there were a lot of people who were not happy having their lunch interupted by 50-ish kids---they'll get over it! We then went down 2 flights of stairs via the escalator to Mobius Kids (science center)...click here to learn more about it...anyways, we spent almost 2 hours there...what fun! Then we took the bus back to the school and got there at about 2:15...it really was a long but fun-filled day for all-the kids were so sweet and it was fun to see them excited about everything! Thanks for the invite, Cayson...Until next time................

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