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But We Start And End With Family!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! Hope you had a fun (yet safe) day! The kids had a lot of fun. Yesterday we went to Spokane Community College's Family Fun Day and the kids got a lot of fun things. Then tonight we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. It was a lot of fun for them...their favorite part was one car we went to was giving out cans of pop...they thought that was cool...the things that make us happy! Anyways...here are some pics of our fun few days...tomorrow we are off to a birthday party...costumes are a must! Maybe this holiday will never end...

Hailey went as a princess! People came up to her and said how beautiful she looked...we think so too!

Cayson went as a Dragon Warrior Ninja...he only wanted this costume because it came with 3 swords and a chinese star... boy, I was excited!

Jaxson went as a cowboy...people thought this costume was so cute that they took pictures of Jaxson and he decided after a while that he didn't want to wear it anymore because people were laughing at him... it took a lot of persuasion to get him back on the horse(hahaha)

Deni went as Alice in Wonderland...lots of compliments on this costume..."she looks just like her" people would say!

The whole gang!

Happy Halloween...Until next time...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Behind...

So here are just a few pictures from the last couple of months I have failed to post. Hope you enjoy...

Hailey and Cayson's 1st day of school! Hailey is in 3rd grade and Cayson is in 1st!

Jaxson's 1st day of school...he is in his second year of Head Start!

Deni's 1st day of school...she is in her 1st year of Head Start and goes to the same class as Jaxson...

Jaxson and Deni had a field trip to Walter's Fruit Ranch in Greenbluff...they got to pick an apple and a pumpkin. They also learned how they made apple butter and apple cider and got to sample both...they were in Heaven!!!

Farmer Mert showing the kids the crown on "King Red"...AKA Red Delicious...the #1 sold apple in the world!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Keep Your Mouth Shut...

Okay...so you would think that by now I would learn to keep my big mouth shut...so not the case...I think it was July 1st that a ban in Spokane County (all of WA by 2010) was put into effect that you could not use dishwashing liquid that contains more than 0.5% phosphorus in it...so they took ALL of the dishwashing liquid off the shelves. Within a week or so they came out with some new phosphorus free stuff...well...I hated it! It left a white film on all of our dishes and it was taking me 2-3 cycles through the dishwasher to get them clean. Anyways...I would offer my opinion (shocking, I know!) about the ban to anyone who would listen (or pretend to listen). My neighbor's mom was visiting and she was complaining that she would have to buy a new dishwasher because it wouldn't clean her dishes...I gave her a bottle of Cascade (I had my mom pick up a few bottles of "real" soap on one of her visits from AZ to WA...) I told her to try the soap and see if it got any better...that was a month ago. So yesterday, I got a phone call from her saying it was the soap and she was happy that she didn't have to fork out money for a new dishwasher. She then informs me that she works for KXLY (Channel 4) news and they would love to interview me about the soap...OH CRAP!!!! Anyways, after scrubbing the kitchen so they could film in there...they came and did the interview...here is a link to the interview (after you click on the link there is a little camera icon on the right where you can watch the video)...Anyways, I hope you can take a couple of things away from this...1)Learn what people do for a living before you offer your opinions & 2)Keep your opinions to yourself...Yeah, right...I will never learn! Until next time...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As if I didn't torture him enough....

So, as many of you who read my blog know, I took Eric to see Mamma Mia a few months ago...he said I owed him big time! Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson the first time because tonight I took him, along with our good friends, Patti and Andy Alder, to see Phantom of the Opera. Oh, am I in BIG trouble! You would think by now he would learn to say no...(he tried...he asked one of his co-workers at the hospital to go in his place...she apparently doesn't like dating other peoples spouses...expecially women!...hahaha! At least I fed him first (Olive Garden...yum!) It was a good evening for all of us (eric even got a nap in during the show...after he was caught holding Andy's hand :-o!!)What a good man he is...he cancelled his class for tonight and it was a lot of fun being with friends who aren't afraid to act like toddlers with us! I swear they aren't going to let us out in public together anymore! The show was great...not my very favorite broadway show but I was happy I experienced it! There is a very long list of Broadway shows I would LOVE to see...I just may be watching them alone! Anyways, when we got home, Hailey had written a message on our dry-erase board in the kitchen that said "mom and dad...I hope your date was really really great tonight...love, Hailey" how sweet...then lower on the board it said "mom and dad kissed on their date!" and then, at the very bottom it said "mom and dad love each other" yes, we do...thanks for noticing! And we love our kids too! Until next time...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grandma Duncan

Happy Birthday, Grandma Duncan! We hope you love your flowers! Love, Hailey, Cayson, Jaxson, & Deni

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twilight Movie 11/21/08

Okay...take a look at this and tell me you aren't as excited as me?!?! Oh, the things in life that make us giddy...Until next time...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you have my autograph...better hang on to it...it could be worth something someday!

Okay...so I was picking Jaxson and Deni up from school on Wednesday when Teacher Valerie gave me a sheet of paper asking if I would be one of the parents involved in meeting Senator Murray at the kids' school on October 17 to discuss HeadStart and the resources available to us as parents. Sure, no problem...until I read that there will be media involved...a little more hesitant, but, hey...why not?!?! Then the next day (Thurs) I was picking up kids again (you think I would learn and let Eric do it from now on)...when Teacher Valerie runs out after me saying..."Janel needs you to call her". Janel is a social services specialist from HeadStart that is also over the policy council of which I am the current president so it is not unusual that I would get a phone call from her. I was loading the kids up in the van and since Eric had the older kids I was in no hurry to get home so I sat in my van on my cell phone and called Janel...she had called to see if I would be so willing as to join her and another HeadStart employee on Oct 22 to be interviewed on PBS for a piece on education something or other. I know it is only PBS and not a lot of people watch it...but still...I was excited that they thought to include me! I guess my next step is the BBC...(just kidding!) Anyways, I am happy about it..HeadStart has done a lot for our family and we have made lots of lifelong friends from the program...I recommend it to anyone who has kids...(it makes me want to have more...well, that may be overreacting just a bit!) Until next time....

Friday, October 3, 2008


Happy Birthday, Aunt Glenna! We Miss You! Love, Hailey, Cayson, Jaxson, & Deni