Other Things May Change Us,
But We Start And End With Family!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls Nights Out

Yep...that's plural...two nights in a row!!! What a fabulous husband I have to put up with not one, but two girls nights...and back to back even!! Whatever for, might you ask....NEW MOON, of course!!! That's right...it's that time of year again...time for the second installment of the Twilight Saga...and I saw it twice!! The first night (Thursday) we had a group of 19 total at the theater. Half of us opted to go to a special showing of Twilight before New Moon began. We lined up at 7:30pm for the movie and made some friends that were just as crazy as we were!! Our group got separated so before the midnight movie began, we bounced from theater to theater chit-chatting with our friends...then the movie began...and oh, what a movie it was!!! I thought it was SOOOO much better than the first one (and I'm sure the half-naked guys didn't have anything to do with my decision either!!) But then day 2 (well...technically, it was later that night) we were standing in line and had brought in a few pizzas. We had some left over and they would not allow us to take them into the theater. I took it upon myself to hand out pizzas to our fellow "Twihards" behind us in line. I told the usher (named Al, who had just asked us to make friends with each other in line) that I should get a reward for being so nice to everyone!! He agreed (even though I was kinda kidding)...well...he asked me what I thought was a good reward...there were these cups, you see...4 of them in the set; one with Jacob, one with Bella, one with Edward, and one with all three of them together. I had all but one...all the Jacob cups were gone...so I asked my new BFF Al if he could "find" me one...and so the hunt began. A 3 hour hunt to be exact and he told me it wasn't looking as though it was going to end in my favor....when I came out of the movie theater after the movie, however, who was waiting for me...AL...with a Jacob cup in hand!!! Ahhh....sweet victory!!! We just may have to have a Twilight dinner one of these nights...with my new cups....thanks for another great memory, girls...see you again in June!! Until next time.........