Other Things May Change Us,
But We Start And End With Family!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Okay...we have gotten a few phone calls to see how Deni's eye surgery went...thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Deni is doing just fine. Her eye surgery went well - she only pulled out 1 stitch (1 out of 4 ain't half bad!) She has glasses now and she hates them with a passion! They have stick on prisms on them which means there are vertical lines on the lenses so she complains that she can't see sometimes...things are blurry to her! The longer she wears them, the longer she can wait for her next surgery. Doc Snow told us that a typical child has to have an average of 3 surgeries. In a perfect world, her next one won't be until she is about 10-12. Thanks to Grandma Nelson for taking a flight up here for a week to help out! We love and appreciate all you do for us...sorry we didn't get to cinnamon rolls...next time I'll have some waiting for you! Well...it's been a busy, busy month already and the calendar is full of events...Cayson's bday party is tomorrow...all are invited...it starts at 4! After the party ...eric is cooking his famous cow!!! (he doesn't know it yet). I'll try to post some more pics...i think i finally learned how (thanks, kim!) Until next time....much love to our friends and family!