Other Things May Change Us,
But We Start And End With Family!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well...right now the kids and I are visiting the super-exciting city of Winslow, AZ. So far we have gone to a Brewer reunion in Snowflake and then came to Winslow and are staying with Tiph's parents (thanks). The other day (Friday, maybe!?!?) we went to Eric's dad's house and he helped each of the kids make marshmallow shooters out of PVC pipe. You should have seen his living room when they got done with it! Well, then we came back to Gma and Gpa Nelson's house and there yard soon looked the same as Gpa Charlie's living room...Deni loves eating the marshmallows off the floor though (yuk!) Anyways...let me get to Reese....Deni and Jaxson got into swimming lessons starting last Monday...Deni was excited until we got there and then wasn't sure about it...Jaxson had an anxiety attack and threw up 3 times before we even got to the pool...anyways, so once they got into the water all was fine...Jaxson has learned lots of things from his teachers (Sharon Cox and her daughter Savannah)as has Deni...all because of her teacher Reese...actually Reese is one of her two swim teachers (the other is Amber Garner-daughter of Wayne & Jodi for those that know them). Anyways...back to the story...Reese goes to my mom's ward and they are good friends of the family. My girls have a crush on him. He stopped by the house on his way from the credit union on an errand from his mom and had a popsicle with the kids (the girls were not about to let him leave without one!) Anyways, Cayson takes fabulous pictures of the kids swimming and one day he decided to let Hailey have a shot at the camera...she took one picture of Deni under water and one of Jaxson floating on his back..........and 12 of Reese!

Today at church Reese just happened to pass the sacrament to us and Deni said, "That's my teacher, Reese...I love him, I don't hate him!" She then went and showed him her dolly she was paying with during church and a page she had colored...his friends were sitting in front of him but even so, he was a good sport about it! Thanks, Reese!

Well, we are off to swimming lessons again tomorrow. I think perhaps Hailey will get in (Hailey and Cayson were #1 & #2 on the waiting list) but Cayson has opted to go to wrestling camp instead...they both will do great at whatever they get to do! Until next time.....