Other Things May Change Us,
But We Start And End With Family!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Okay...so for our anniversary today Eric proved his undying love for me! Today is our 11th anniversary and it just so happens that a few movies we have been looking forward to have just opened within the last couple of weeks...The Dark Knight, Hancock, and of course Mamma Mia! Oh, I have waited for so long for this to become a movie (it is cheaper to pay $9 to see it than $65 to see it as a play). So Eric told me I could pick the movie (a decision he now regrets!) To see this movie, you have to be a fan of musicals...Eric is not! You have to be a fan of chick flicks...again, Eric is not! Finally...you have to be a fan of ABBA...Eric is not, shocking, isn't it?!? He was a good sport, though, and let me make the decision to see this movie that I have been waiting almost a year for...he did pretty good until about the 7th or 8th song (there are at least 11 or 12 songs in the movie)...although, I must say that even though he is hotter than heck, Pierce Brosnan CAN NOT SING! I love him as an actor...he is my new Sean Connery...but he can not sing! Anyways...thanks Eric for a fantastic anniversary and, yes, I do owe you big time! Thank you for 11 wonderful years! I love you! Until next time...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Spoiled Rotten!

Okay, so here's how this adventure started....Tiphaine's mom called her friend, Susan, to see if she knew about tours of the fire department. Susan called back and told us to call the fire station and talk to James...so we did. This is how the conversation went (in a nutshell)..Gma Nelson: Hi James, this is Peggy Nelson calling about the tour of the fire station. James: Where do you live? Gma: 1000 Apache. James: Are you Denise's mom (have you noticed that mom's lose all identity when they have kids?!?)? Gma: Yes, I am. James: How would the kids like it if I came and picked them up in the fire truck? Gma: They would be in hog heaven!
So after a quick rush of "everyone go potty and comb your hair" we rushed outside to wait for the firetruck. He came and picked up Tiph and the kids (you should have seen the neighbors come out to see what was happening) and off they went! He took us on a ride for about 15-20 minutes during which time he let the kids (one at a time) unbuckle (which I told them under normal curcumstances was NOT safe) and turn on the siren. He then took us to the fire station and gave the kids a tour of it...they asked so many questions (Cayson was disappointed that they did not have a fire pole!)and James was very patient and answered each question the kids had for him (what's that? what's in there? how does this work? what does this button do?) He even gave each of the kids a baggy full of goodies (coloring book, tattoo, pencil, activity thingy) and each of them got a bottle of Gatorade (he told the kids it was firefighter juice). He then put us back in the firetruck and took us under the underpass (where it echoes) and blew the horn and siren. The kids loved it! He then took us back to Gma Nelson's house where Aunt Sandra, Gma, and John (a neighbor across the street) were waiting (Gpa had just left for work). It was a great adventure that they will remember for a long time to come. When the kids told Eric about it, I think there was a hint of jealousy there but he was excited for them, too. James told us this is not a usual thing they do...maybe it's just because he knew Denise or maybe he was having a slow day...who knows, we are greatful whatever the reason! Until next time....