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Monday, February 9, 2009

I love WinCo!!!

Oh...today is a great day! WinCo finally opened! They started building a building across the street from Wal-Mart a few months ago and when I inquired to a wal-mart employee about it, they told me it was going to be a Sam's Club...we don't have one of those, either! Anyways, a couple of months went by and the sign went up saying "Coming Soon...WinCo Foods"! Boy, was I happy! I don't even know how to describe the store to you...it is a bag-your-own-stuff grocery store! I think, overall, their prices are pretty cheap (I was browsing today). I have gone to a WinCo before in Boise when visiting my sister and fell in love with it there! They also have some bulk items that you can get (kind of like Costco). Anyways, they opened today...when you walk in the door, there was a lady handing out maps of the store who was saying, "Just to let you know...there is a two hour wait to checkout!" 2 HOURS!?!?! Seriously....let me put into perspective what the store was like today---you are at Splash Mountain at Disneyland and need to get to It's a Small World and there are 2 parades---yep...it was that ugly! There were people who were tag-teaming with other people...one would wait with the cart while the other one shopped...they did have a ton of good deals today but I have a life and could not wait in line for two hours (I came home and read a book...just kidding!) but when Big Daddy gets home from work tonight...I'm off to the store (while browsing...I made a list of the good deals and marked on the map where I need to go)...hopefully the line will be shorter (after all...it's gonna be midnight)...let's hope......Until next time........


coolmommamom said...

My brother and his wife hit WinCo today, and did wait in line. Totally insane. I wish we had a WinCo closer to us, but then again, I have seen the store even when it isn't new, and boy is it busy, I would hate to stand in line for that long. Hope you had fun shopping! (By the way, when are you guys planning on goind to Disneyland? We thought about a visit while the kids are on Spring Break. Since our kids now have to make up three extra days, so instead of getting out June 18th, we are getting out June 23rd! The kids are not to happy about that.)

The Brewers said...

Disneyland is spring break...3-30-4/3...we have a paper chain hanging in our kitchen...48 days to go!