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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay, Okay, Okay...seriously, people...quit sending me hate mail...A few posts ago, I stated that I had fired Cutest Blog on the Block because their site was ALWAYS down...they apparently have a HUGE fan base because I have rec'd 32 hate mail messages from people defending them. I get it...don't take it personally, guys...I was frustrated with them...maybe I'll give them another try for next month's background since it seems they have gotten their act together...now, everyone retract your claws and go eat a Snickers...I didn't know that many people even looked at my blog...next time...just leave a comment...a nice one! Until next time.........

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shaina said...

Alot of people were wondering what was up with that website too!
I saw that Winco is in your area. I love that store. I miss that store. I can't find any discount grocery stores here and it really bugs me.