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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Action Jaxson!

Man...not only does his body move 1000 miles an hour...so does his mind! So, the new song on the blog is Human by The Killers. It was playing on the radio in the van while we were waiting for the other kids to come out of school and Jaxson and Deni were getting restless so I turned up the radio and was singing along with the radio..."Are we human, or are we dancers?" Jaxson said..."MOM...TURN IT DOWN!" I turned it down and he said, "What did that song say?" I repeated, "Are we human, or are we dancers?" Not even missing one beat...Jaxson replied, "Are those my only choices?" I tell ya...I could write a book! What a nut! I love him anyways! Until next time............

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Lani said...

Gotta love our Jacksen's!!! So glad I found your blog, now we can compare!