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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Twilight Saga (this is a long one...)

Okay...so I need to find a Twilight Anonymous meeting to go to. Can anyone help me? For those of you who don't know what I am talking about...where have you been? The Twilight Saga is a series of 4 books, written by an LDS author named Stephenie Meyer, about a vampire who falls in love with a human. That is the jist of it....kind of. Anyways, I really didn't want to get started with these books in the first place because I have seen friends get addicted to them to the point that they had a countdown of when the next book would come out...that is way out of my comfort level (and one of the reasons I did not read Harry Potter...) I can't read part of the story and wait a whole year for the next part of the story...I need it all at once...Well, my mom came for a visit and had read the first one she had borrowed from my neice. So she bought herself one and left it for me to read (I hope she knows she won't be getting it back!) She left at about 10-ish am and lucky for me, it was a rainy day...the kids sat on the couch and watched tv most of the day...and I read! I was done with the book(400-ish pages maybe) by 9-ish pm...I decided I could wait until the next day to read book 2 (until I read the first chapter of book 2 at the end of book 1). I called Eric at work and asked him if I could get book 2 from Barnes & Noble across the street from his work (class doesn't end until 10 but b&n closes at 10...do you see my dilema?)Anyways, I got the book that night (spoiled, I know!) and had it finished by noon the next day (it rained...thanks, mother nature). I got on the computer and checked to see if my Borders coupon had been emailed to me and lucky me...in my inbox was a 40% off coupon...hallelujah! I rushed over to Borders in the rain and got book #3 and #4(book 4 was on the bestsellers list so it was already 40% off). I had books 3 &4 read in the next day and a half...that is 2500 pages in 3 days. Not only that, but in the next 3 days, I had them all read again...that is 5000 pages in 1 week (Eric said it is not something to brag about and my neighbors kept asking me if I had fed my kids..."yes", I would say...and I also did 4 loads of laundry daily!) I am an official "Twilighter". They are great books for those of you who are readers (they are even great for you non-readers)...it is a great story and you really get into the books. There are several ladies at church who read them and on Sundays we have a discussion on them...I think all of my books are currently out on lend right now...I even have a waiting list (I feel like the library!) I can't wait for the movie to come out! I am way excited! November 21st...you can find me in line at the movie theater...I already have a sitter lined up (thanks, eric!) Pathetic...I know...but at least I am willing to admit it! Until next time....


shaina said...

I hear ya. I started them when the 3rd book came out. I hadn't heard of them until that weekend, and all of my friends and I passed the books around. It was fun.
On a side note, my sister in law is good friends with the author. Interesting how things happen.

KandK said...

Well, my girls love the books and I have yet to pick one up! Maybe someday!!