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Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanks for trying to help...but next time don't!

Okay...it's Tiphaine here! Hello to all! So, the other day I was putting groceries away in the pantry and I smelled something rotten. I couldn't quite figure out where the smell was coming from so i started cleaning off the shelves. I started at the top and worked my way down...sorting and tossing and organizing and wiping things down. Still the smell was awful...when I got done with the last shelf...I still couldn't find the smell so I started removing the 5 gallon buckets filled with flour, sugar, and such. When I moved the last bucket...I found the smell...an almost (but not quite) empty bag of potatoes...ROTTEN! Yuk! They were not put back in their spot...someone decided to hide them apparently. They were so rotten that they were leaking all over the pantry floor and the purple print on the outside of the potato bag was now staining my pantry floor....I went to go get the mop to clean it up and Jaxson (the big helper) said, "Mommy...I won't let Deni get into it!" "Thanks, Jaxson...you stay away from it, too!" was my response. When I came back into the pantry from getting the mop wet, I turned around and was immediately met with purple footprints going from my pantry to the bathroom to the kitchen and back to the bathroom...AAAGGGHHHH!!! Jaxson and Deni, both, decided to "dance" from the pantry throughout the rest of the house and thought the purple footprints were the coolest thing ever! Oh, I could have beat them both...but instead, handed them each a wet towel and told them they had to clean it up! They were not too happy that I was making them mop up their masterpiece. Oh...I can't wait until the next adventure....perhaps it will be a mudpie in my bathroom sink (oh, wait...that already happened last week...I sure do wish those two had school on Fridays!)

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KandK said...

Good thing you are logging all of their adventures because when they are older they are going to want to hear some funny stories of when they were little. You should have a shelf full of them!!