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But We Start And End With Family!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oldie, but Goodie...

Okay, so Eric fixed me up with another computer (he has a multitude of them at his office) so he decided to bring me one home...how sweet! Anyways, I still can't promise that the postings will be any closer together! I could have put this posting under "they said what?!?!" but I chose to do it this way instead....

Last year while staying at Gma & Gpa Nelson's house...the kids were getting ready for bed and Cayson came in and said..."Mom, Deni pulled some black stuff out of the rectangle CD!" Not knowing what in the heck he was talking about...I went to investigate only to go back into the Family Room laughing so hard...Deni had pulled the ribbon out of the cassette tape and poor Cayson had no clue what the darn thing was! Are we really THAT old!?!?! Anyways, it is this story that inspired my new cassette tape on the blog that plays some of my favorite songs...let me know what you think! Until next time...(hopefully it will be sooner than later!)

P.S....Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for being the greatest dad anyone could have asked for! Lots of Love!

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