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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Come on Over...if you dare!!!

Well, last week it was the stomach flu...and now it seems that strep throat has invaded the Brewer household...and what an adventure it has been....I always thought that having the kids sick all at the same time would be the way to go....boy, was I wrong!!! Hailey and Jaxson had the stomach flu on the same day...thank goodness for multiple bathrooms!! Then Jaxson and Deni had strep at the same time and then Hailey came down with it the next day...not an experience I would like to have again! I think we are on the mend (knock on wood). The next hurdle is Eric having his wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow (3 of them)....Forget Calgon...Ben & Jerry--take me away!! And please forgive me if I have been grouchy to you...it has been a few nights of restless sleep (and some nights of no sleep)....things are starting to get back to normal (well, normal for the Brewer house)...I'll be nicer-I promise! Until next time............

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