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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Behind...

So here are just a few pictures from the last couple of months I have failed to post. Hope you enjoy...

Hailey and Cayson's 1st day of school! Hailey is in 3rd grade and Cayson is in 1st!

Jaxson's 1st day of school...he is in his second year of Head Start!

Deni's 1st day of school...she is in her 1st year of Head Start and goes to the same class as Jaxson...

Jaxson and Deni had a field trip to Walter's Fruit Ranch in Greenbluff...they got to pick an apple and a pumpkin. They also learned how they made apple butter and apple cider and got to sample both...they were in Heaven!!!

Farmer Mert showing the kids the crown on "King Red"...AKA Red Delicious...the #1 sold apple in the world!

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