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But We Start And End With Family!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you have my autograph...better hang on to it...it could be worth something someday!

Okay...so I was picking Jaxson and Deni up from school on Wednesday when Teacher Valerie gave me a sheet of paper asking if I would be one of the parents involved in meeting Senator Murray at the kids' school on October 17 to discuss HeadStart and the resources available to us as parents. Sure, no problem...until I read that there will be media involved...a little more hesitant, but, hey...why not?!?! Then the next day (Thurs) I was picking up kids again (you think I would learn and let Eric do it from now on)...when Teacher Valerie runs out after me saying..."Janel needs you to call her". Janel is a social services specialist from HeadStart that is also over the policy council of which I am the current president so it is not unusual that I would get a phone call from her. I was loading the kids up in the van and since Eric had the older kids I was in no hurry to get home so I sat in my van on my cell phone and called Janel...she had called to see if I would be so willing as to join her and another HeadStart employee on Oct 22 to be interviewed on PBS for a piece on education something or other. I know it is only PBS and not a lot of people watch it...but still...I was excited that they thought to include me! I guess my next step is the BBC...(just kidding!) Anyways, I am happy about it..HeadStart has done a lot for our family and we have made lots of lifelong friends from the program...I recommend it to anyone who has kids...(it makes me want to have more...well, that may be overreacting just a bit!) Until next time....

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