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Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Have Returned!

Okay...so we've been back for a couple of weeks but it has taken this long to get back into the swing of things! My vacation posts are going to be out of order 'cause Eric borrowed my camera with all my pics on it and still hasn't brought it back from work...if I don't get it back tomorrow, I'm gonna have to go repossess it...Anyways, these pics are our "in-betweeners". This is after our 3 days at Disneyland on our way to Sea World...the kids once again got carsick and we stopped at a little "rest area"(no bathrooms or trash cans...just a park your car and look at the ocean spot). Anyways, our kids look like orphans because it was a travel day...anyways, we stopped and got Jaxson and his car seat all cleaned up and let the kids get out and walk around a bit and look at the ocean. Along comes a military helicopeter right in front of us...they were doing practice drops that day for supplies...it was cool to watch. They saw the kids outside so put on a little show for them-it was fun to watch! Anyways, the spot that we were at, there was a little nest of chipmunks and Eric put a chip on the ground to see if the chipmunk would come close enough for the kids to see...it sure did...and they kept feeding it...it ate the chips right out of their hands...that is until mom came around and spoiled the fun (they were feeding it MY salt & vinegar chips...HOW RUDE...especially since, not 3 hours before, talked my mom into handing them over to me!) You can mess with a lot of things...but keep your hands off my salt and vinegar chips...it will get ugly! Anyways, after the hour we spent on the side of the road, we headed into San Diego to our hotel to meet another set of grandparents and another amusement park...such fun we had! I will post more pics in the next day or two...we had lots of adventures to share...Until next time!


Lauren said...

Ok, gotta tell you. Those are squirrels. Glad you had a good time though. Totally jealous by the way. Can't wait for more pictures

The Brewers said...

I thought they were squirrels at first, too...there were signs with pictures saying what kind of chipmunks they were but I can't remember what they are called...