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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update on Deni

Okay...thanks to all of your prayers for Deni...they were definately answered. She went to the dermatologist on Monday and here's the news...

1. She has one of the worse cases of excema he has seen on a child...not rash wise...but the different types of sores she has on her body...her bottom and feet are rashes...her belly and legs are sores...it's weird, he says...there is a cream for it!

2. She has blackheads...on her nose and forehead and a little on her belly (weird). Anyways, puberty is gonna be great! There is a cream for this too!

3. Atopic dermatitis...she has been diagnosed w/this before but just not given the right treatment for it...change the laundry soap (All...free and clear), shampoo (Johnson & Johnson no more tears baby shampoo), soap (cetaphil cleansing bar), lotion (yes, there is a cream for this too)
Which brings me to our daily routine...
After bath...moisturize w/cetaphil moisturizing cream, apply one cream to bottom and feet, apply other cream to nose and forehead...put on boxers (the elastic on her panties irritate her skin...she's not excited to wear boys underwear), shirt, pants, socks, shoes....it doesn't seem like much...until you have to remember...did I put that lotion on yet and where does it go?!?! And it has to happen TWICE A DAY! It has been really fun re-washing all of her clothes and bedding and the towels...oh, well...I'm glad we have a road in which to travel with her, though...let's hope it is free of any more speedbumps! Until next time!

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Lauren said...

poor thing. I hope all that actually works